Messages to the King

14 NOV 2023

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Charles III


“Messages to the King” invites you to
unleash your creativity, infusing each word with sincerity, gratitude and well

Write to the King

Craft the most extraordinary story that will touch the heart of King Charles III
on his birthday in this
Coronation year 2023.


The privilege of having your personal message immortalized in a
captivating memoir that will be cherished for generations to come.

75 messages to be chosen…

Impress us and get chosen…

The Story

Out of the all the of submissions, only 75 messages will be carefully selected to be published in this exclusive collection.

Make a Difference

Whether it’s a tale of resilience, a gesture of kindness, or a profound connection, your story has the power to inspire and uplift not only the King but countless readers around the world.

Your Chance

This is your chance to create a narrative
that will forever be etched in the pages of history.

The Reward

As a testament to the significance of your contribution, each winner will be rewarded with a personally signed copy of the book from the author themselves. This cherished memento will serve as a constant reminder.

Celebrate The King

14 NOV 2023

Letters to be Chosen

Tuesday, October 03rd, 2023

His Majesty The King Buckingham Palace London SW1A 1AA


His Majesty the Kings Birthday
Friday, Nov 14, 2023

His Majesty The King Buckingham Palace London SW1A 1AA

We Are Expecting You