About Us

The origin of the book and its overall objective are rooted in my personal connection and admiration for the Royal Family. Throughout the years, my mother’s love for following the Royal Family’s journey left a lasting impression on me. I grew up in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) during the 1960s when it was still a British Protectorate. Even at the age of six, I remember my mother speaking fondly of the Queen Mother. As I grew older, my interest in the Royal Family continued to flourish. I followed their lives, celebrated their marriages, rejoiced in the births of their children, and was captivated by their extraordinary events. The Royal Family’s dedication to charitable endeavour’s and their genuine commitment to helping people always amazed me.

One particular moment that deeply inspired me was when I was sixteen and in my final year of school. I learned about how Prince Charles selflessly used his Navy severance pay, a significant amount at the time, amounting to £7,400, to fund several community initiatives. This act of kindness led to the formation of The Prince’s Trust. It became a turning point in my life, especially as I witnessed the Youth Riots of 1976 in South Africa.

Driven by a desire to give back to my community, despite lacking financial resources, I decided to offer myself and my time. In 1977, I applied to participate in Youth for Christ, a program that allowed me to work in some of the poorest areas and squatter camps in South Africa. However, my journey took an unexpected turn when I discovered I had scoliosis, which required me to wear a cumbersome brace from my neck down to my hips. The brace made my community work challenging, as it was uncomfortable and difficult to move around in, especially during sweltering days, however, fuelled by determination and compassion for others, I pressed on and fulfilled my dream of helping those in need.

Through my work, I encountered individuals affected by leprosy and those living in poverty. I witnessed first-hand the harsh realities of apartheid from different perspectives. Life presented me with numerous challenges, both externally and internally, but I learned to navigate its complexities. We all face unique circumstances, such as health issues, financial constraints, relationship dynamics, and responsibilities as parents and caregivers. Over time, I realised the importance of finding contentment and maintaining a grateful mindset amidst life’s trials. I discovered that helping others is akin to quenching the thirst of a plant—it nurtures and rewards not just the recipients but also the giver.

My husband and I were blessed with two precious children. However, our journey as parents took an unexpected turn when our firstborn son began experiencing respiratory problems at just three months old. This evolved into recurring bouts of bronchial pneumonia, resulting in numerous hospital visits and ongoing health challenges throughout his life.

To add to our family’s trials, our beautiful daughter’s birth was traumatic, leaving a lasting impact on all of us. When she turned twelve, she developed Petit Mal seizures, now referred to as blanking. This condition altered the course of her life, as well as the lives of our entire family and close relatives. While it is often said that individuals with epilepsy can lead normal lives, our personal experience has been filled with moments of
fear and challenges beyond our comprehension.

It was during this time that my daughter and I became involved with the Epileptic Foundation in South Africa and Reach for a Dream, organizations dedicated to supporting individuals with epilepsy and fulfilling the dreams of children facing serious illnesses. Our involvement expanded to encompass those with invisible illnesses and disabilities. Whether the challenges are visible or hidden, the journey endured by those in need is often accompanied by pain, affecting not only the individuals themselves but also their families. Emotional trauma, financial hardships, and deeper issues further compound the struggles.

We all have our unique stories and journeys that shape us into who we are. The significance of charitable initiatives undertaken by King Charles III during his coronation deeply resonated with me. As I delved into researching his philanthropic endeavours, I was truly astounded by the impact he has made. Reflecting on this, my daughter’s wise words echoed in my mind: “You don’t have to wear the crown, just be the crown.” It became apparent that King Charles III had been embodying the principles of service and compassion long before the ceremonial crown was placed upon his head.

His commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others, and the diverse range of charities he has championed, left an indelible impression on me. It served as a powerful reminder that each of us has the capacity to make a difference, irrespective of our position or title.

Inspired by King Charles III’s dedication to philanthropy, I became even more passionate about supporting and showcasing charitable organisations that are actively transforming lives. It is through the noble acts of these organisations and the individuals
whose lives they touch that the true power of compassion and service shines.

By participating in Messages to the King, I hope to contribute to the collective effort of inspiring others to embrace their own journeys of making a positive impact. I believe that by sharing stories of resilience, triumph, and the transformative power of charity, we can encourage a ripple effect of kindness and generosity that will endure far beyond the pages of the book.

Together, let us celebrate the spirit of giving, recognise the tireless efforts of charities, and honor the individuals whose lives have been forever changed by their selfless acts.

May this project serve as a testament to the profound impact that one person, one story, and one act of compassion can have on the world.